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Leading Cause of Death...

Medical errors, including medication mistakes, kill more than 250,000 people every year.1

They are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer.

1.3 Million Injuries a Year

Medication mistakes are the most common medical error. They cause 1.3 million injuries every year.3

The economic impact

of medication errors are estimated to cost $77 billion dollars per year.13

Each hospital’s share of that cost is estimated to be nearly $5.6 million.11

of all Surgeries

A Massachusetts General Hospital Study revealed that 50% of all surgeries involve some kind of medication error or unintended drug side effects…

⅓ of those errors lead to patient harm.5

Preventable with the Anesthesia Safety Pack

Malpractice claims against anesthesiologists for medication errors lead to highest payouts compared to other types of claims.12 These errors are largely preventable with the use of the Anesthesia Safety Pack.

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Increased Patient Safety

Patient safety has become a notable public health concern. Medication errors can be prevented . We collaborate with professionals in the healthcare industry to eliminate medication distribution errors and reduce liability.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Our Anesthesia Safety Pack is simple and can help streamline and standardize your healthcare processes. We can help you maximize operational efficiencies.

Convenience for Provider

Our Anesthesia Safety Pack promotes patient safety. It allows the anesthesia provider to have easy access to the most-often administered medications arranged by typical order of use. There is a two-person check for accurate vial selection. The pack requires anesthesia providers to use only one medication at a time and the vials are facing upward and readily visible to the pharmacist and anesthesia provider. Finally, all syringes and vials are retained until procedure is concluded.

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