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Scientifically designed as a systems solution to:

  • Reduce the opportunity for human error

  • Relieves surgical environment production pressure

  • Improve reconciliation and charge capture

  • Reduce drug loss from diversion and expiration

  • Assist with compliance protocols implemented by the ASA and AORN

  • Facilitate patient-specific case preparation

  • Support post-procedure investigations

Shown to be effective in simulation – study showed:

  • 67% reduction in mix-up errors (vial swap, syringe swap, mislabel)

  • 41% reduction in reconciliation errors

  • 41% reduction in reconciliation time

  • 19% reduction in case preparation time

  • 26% increase provider-reported level of organization

  • 29% decrease in provider-reported level of stress


Patient Safety

Patient safety is a notable public health concern. Reducing preventable medication errors can play a prominent role in improving patient safety. The AnesthEZia Saf-T-System is scientifically designed to minimize opportunities for anesthesia medication errors.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs

These are the goals of every hospital today. The AnesthEZia Saf-T-System is a simple and affordable way to streamline and standardize the anesthesia workflow using principles like lean, six-sigma, and 5S – the way other industries have been improving their performance for decades. In addition, malpractice claims against anesthesiologists for medication errors lead to highest payouts compared to other types of claims.12 The resultant high insurance premiums are additional costs related to the error rates that the Saf-T-System is designed to impact.

Peace of Mind for Provider

The AnesthEZia Saf-T-System promotes patient safety, and at the same time makes life easier for all of the professionals in the anesthesia workflow. It allows the anesthesia provider easy access to the most-often administered medications, arranged by typical order of use. Pharmacy can provide an optional two-person check for accurate vial selection. The Saf-T-System naturally encourages anesthesia providers to use only one medication at a time, and makes vial labels easily readable. Finally, all syringes and vials are retained in an orderly fashion until recovery is complete, facilitating easy and efficient wasting, reconciliation, and investigation.

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  • Source: 1. Source: National Center for Health Statistics: BMI

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